Best Neck Braces

I was apprehensive about neck braces at first, as it felt weird not being able to move your head from side to side and back all the way. That is the whole point, by the way!

But after wearing my Leatt brace for tens of thousands of miles I’ve can say with total honesty that it is not uncomfortable at all. In fact, I almost feel naked without it.

Wearing my Leatt neck brace in Malawi

Are neck braces necessary?

There is a lot of opinions on neck braces, but anecdotal evidence and some studies have shown that a neck brace could mean the difference between walking away from a crash or being paralyzed or fatally injured.

If you’ve stumble upon this page without reading my post about neck braces, you can check it out HERE.

I never ride anywhere without my Leatt brace.

My recommendation

I recommend the Leatt GPX5.5 available on Amazon. Even KTM Racing and BMW Motorrad have re-branded the GPX neck braces from Leatt.

Leatt produced the first neck braces, designed and patented by Dr. Chris Leatt after witnessing the death of a fellow rider. Leatt has extensive experience in designing and improving their neck brace technology with years of research and development.